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Donate Tax and Legal Information

Tax Benefits and Information about Donations

According to current tax laws there are benefits to donating vehicles to Goodwill. While the laws have changed, there are still many benefits to donating your vehicle to a charity. Please feel free to call us at 937.228.AUTO (2886), and we will guide you through the new law. The Goodwill Auto Auction is a service of Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our Federal Tax I.D. number is 310537112. Validation of our nonprofit status can be found at http://apps.irs.gov/app/pub78.

Tax Deductions for Vehicle Donations

Taxpayers can deduct ONLY the proceeds the charity gets from the sale of the vehicle if the claimed value exceeds $500. Donors must receive a written acknowledgment from the charity that includes the sale price of the vehicle and the donor's social security number. The charity must provide you with written acknowledgement within 30 days of the sale of the car.

Getting the Maximum Tax Deduction for Auto Donations

Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley manages the Auto Auction with Goodwill staff. Because we manage the auction process ourselves, we are able to return all of the revenue from your donated vehicle back to Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley. This provides higher revenues for Goodwill and allows you to claim a higher deduction on your taxes. Many charities turn their auction or sales process over entirely to another party to manage. Often, this arrangement results in only a fraction of the sale amount going back to the charity. The auction company we partner with to conduct our auctions charges a flat fee to the buyer of the vehicle. This fee does not impact the amount we receive for your vehicle in the auction process.

When Donating, Consider the Following:

  • Give to charities you know and trust
  • Find out how your donation will be used and what percentage of the charity's revenues fund mission-based programs versus administrative costs.
  • Ask if the charity uses a third party to sell the car, and if so, how much of your donation the charity keeps.
  • Sign the title over to the charity or its agent. Do not leave the title blank under any circumstances.
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Just One Helps!


Jessica, a young woman with vision loss, was able to pursue her career thanks to programs at Goodwill that were funded by donated vehicles from the Goodwill Auto Auction.
See Jessica's Story.

About Goodwill Auto Auction

The Goodwill Auto Auction is owned and operated by Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley, which is the area's largest private, not-for-profit provider of rehabilitation and workforce development services for people with disabilities and other needs. Find out more about the Goodwill Dayton Auto Auction.



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